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My Application For Moderator :D

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1My Application For Moderator :D Empty My Application For Moderator :D on Mon Aug 05, 2013 11:02 pm



First Name:Jake
Last Name:Manthey
InGame Name:|rGM|Mr.Flame


For how long do you play our Server?:3 weeks
For how long are you registered on our Forum?:3 weeks
For how long are you in |XD| Clan?:3.4weeks
What's your playtime on tab?:5 hours because i made a new account

Best Drift score InGame:like, 971k
7.Photo of Scoreboard(tab)-needed for proof:

8.What can you do for us by being Moderator?(5 sentence)
Haha, i can help others out
Nothing really XD, the server is already awesome as fuck

9.Why you think you are good enough to be Moderator(5 sentences)
Because, i have been moderator on several other servers
I'm good at it.
been a great member for a bit
idk any others
Special Skills:I can drift really good.

Do you know to speak English well?:Yes haha

What would you do if someone rams you?:Tell an admin
What would you do if someone advertise?:Ban.

How can we Contact you?:
Skype : iownzya

Did you read Rules?: Yes

Who made BD Clan?: Norfa I love you

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