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1App for member Empty App for member on Sun Dec 16, 2012 9:12 am


1.First Name:Devan

2.Last Name:Rouse



For how long you play our Server?:New to the server, but recommended by billionare, and trust me, Im loving the server. Byfar, the best server I've ever played on in the years i've been playing MTA.

For how long you are registered on our Forum?:Regretfully I must confess, only one day.

5.Drift score InGame:None, so far, But Im more focused on helping players then to take the time to drift. Doesn't mean im against it though, because lets face it, drifting is great, especialy when you have 10 players drifting on the same track.

6.Drift Rank InGame:None

8.Why would you like to join |BD| Clan?(3 sentence)
I hope you'll excuse the long paragraph, but I would like to join the |BD| Clan because it is, byfar, the best clan I've ever met during my time on MTA. It has great members, all of which are helpfull, and wont ignor you if you ask a question. It's the sort of place I'd actually enjoy spending time on. Usually, I tend to avoid sites like this, but seeing that you have great Servers, and the members are so friendly, I find myself being drawn back, much as a moth to light in the dead of night.

9.Why you think you are good for |BD| Clan?(3 sentence)
I really enjoy helping people, and I'll do days of reserch if needed, to find that one answer for a potential member. If someone needs some help, or just some basic information about the clan, I'll be glad to oblige. Anything I can do to help, I'll try my best.

Special Skills:
Helping others, and thats putting it lightly^.^

Do you know to speak English well?:
english is the only language I speak, sadly.

I know, not much help in the language department, but then again, It would be worse if I tried Wink

What would you do if someone rams you?:report them to mod or admin, but only if they do it repeatedly after I told them to stop. It may have just been an accident. I've been there before, where im going to fast, they get in my way, I can't stop in time, I forget I had car weight to 100000, and feel terrible as I see them fly across the map, cursing.

What would you do if someone advertise?:
Prt Screen the moniter, and send the picture to a mod, or admin. I can't stand people that constantly advertise, so you may need to ignor those complaints from me, since I'll be completely unjust in their judgeing;)

How can we Contact you?:
Email is the best way to contact me. My phone is unreliable, but if you absolutly need to contact me asap, then I'll let you know the number.

Did you read Rules?:Of course, its the first thing I do. If i didn't, it could ask me if I'd volenteer for the next Human Centipede^.^

Well, there's my Application. I hope you'll consider. Thanks for your time,
Have a wonderful day!

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2App for member Empty Re: App for member on Sun Dec 16, 2012 1:40 pm


Remember to play on both Servers :p
BTW Nice English!I Like you,can you also PM me and say your InGame name?

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